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Hemp products for animals

Hemp fibers are antifungal and antibacterial therefore prevent the reproduction of pathogens.
Hemp products for animals

Goods for animals from hemp from Devohome

Hemp litter and toilet fillers for hemp firewood have long been popular due to the fact that hemp fibers can absorb moisture 5 times their weight, neutralize odors and prevent the reproduction of pathogens. And it is an environmentally friendly material both at the stage of growing this amazing plant, because it does not need pesticides, and after its use, because it is all biodegradable.

All the wonderful properties of hemp are inherent in the nonwoven filler of these plant fibers. Therefore, pet products such as bedding, beds and mattresses with hemp filler are also very popular with both pets and their owners.

Devohome offers pet products made from hemp fibers:

● litter-mat for animals with hemp filler;

● mattresses for dogs with hemp fiber filling of different sizes;

● hemp collar on a dog leash;

● martingale collar for dog training;

● dog leashes made of hemp;

● strong leash for dogs;

● a leash road with the additional handle.

If we compare the properties of products made of synthetic materials and products for animals from hemp, the advantages of the latter become obvious.

What is the advantage of pet products from hemp?

Mattresses for dogs and bedding for animals made of hemp are made from scraps and remnants of home textile production from DevoHom, which makes them even more valuable for those who adhere to the principles of Zero Waste and circular economy. But their main advantages are practicality and comfort:

- double-sided sunbeds for cats and dogs absorb odors and neutralize germs, and they do not get pests, because they are scared away by terpenes - natural odorous substances in hemp;

- hollow fibers of this plant absorb 400-500% of moisture from the weight, and also are excellent heat insulators thanks to what on a hemp mattress to an animal it is comfortable and cozy both in heat, and in cold;

- the natural top and bottom of mattresses and rugs are made of non-branded cotton, the products are easy to wash, dry quickly and even after frequent washing retain a pleasant herbal aroma.

Also, such bedding and sunbeds can be made to individual sizes for your pet.

Knowing about such properties of pet products from hemp, we are sure that the question of how to choose a litter for a dog has already been resolved.

Hemp collars and leashes are distinguished by their strength and abrasion resistance. No wonder these fibers are traditionally used to make ropes. Their minimalist design and natural color have a dog and its owner to walk. Reliable accessories are used to make them, so your dog always has as much freedom as you allow him.

Where to buy natural products for animals in Ukraine?

Such exclusive things for dogs and cats from a strong natural material can be bought on our website, they can hardly be found in the usual online pet store. According to pet owners, it is clear that cannabis products are very popular with our younger brothers due to their naturalness, and their owners - because of their durability.

The Devokhom company is in Kiev, thus delivery by New mail is possible across all Ukraine. We also deliver our goods abroad. Payment via PAYPAL system is possible.

Allow your pet the best!

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