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Ukrainian hemp store DevoHome - our shop offers natural hemp products - shipping worldwide

Devohome is an online Ukrainian hemp store. Discover what hemp fabric made in Ukraine is good for and find out more about pure organic pillows, blankets, duvets, quilts, clothes, and much more. Our shop offers shipping worldwide and useful information

Welcome to devohome.com - our online shop of hemp fabric products!

In our store you can buy hemp textile for home and organic hemp clothes and footwear. All our hemp products are made in Ukraine by our company DevoHome.

We design and produce all our products ourselves. We have integrated production cycle here in Ukraine, and we control each production stage.

Our company makes and sells hemp fabric bedding, quilts, pillows, blankets and covers. We use hemp fabric and also add hemp fiber as a filler.

Here you can buy pure hemp products as well as eco-friendly linen and cotton. You can find full list of product components on respective product pages. Each item is pure, environmentally friendly, vegan, animal free, fur free, cruelty free product. 

Ukrainian hemp shop

Our company is a family business. We run and control all stages of product development. All raw hemp we use is grown in our Ukrainian Cannabis sativa fields in Poltava region. Therefore, out team guarantees comfort and quality of each item which we sell here.

Also, our work is inspired by Ukrainian traditions: industrial hemp was cultivated in Ukraine for centuries. Loads of experience are gained in hemp weaving throughout generations, and now time has come to share our knowledge and discoveries with the world.

That's why we know how to make the best of raw hemp threads - which are sometimes naughty. We tame them to produce soft and delicate fibers for children, babies and adults.

Also, we mix hemp fabric with other natural fabrics such as unbleached cotton and linen, to have more freedom in our design solutions.

We keep our design very simple and minimalistic, to fit your lifestyle and habits. Our mattress cover will go with any linen, and our textile for kitchen marries well just about any table and tableware. This simple pieces make us revive natural balance and relax.

One more part of our mission is to contribute to sustainable solutions for home: hemp fabric products last long. Veeeeeeeeeeery long! And they are biodegradable, too.

They survive countless uses and washes, and you can machine wash them. Hemp fabric is very durable. It outwears cotton and some other natural fabrics. It becomes softer after the washing, not loosing its natural scent and its shape. Products made of industrial hemp will serve you for years. Surely it is a cost-efficient purchase.

Also, people often come to our shop to buy a gift, and they do have a point: quilt or pillow of natural fabric is will be welcome in any home.

We use Ukrainian hemp fiber to produce our organic textile. Thus, we make healthy and natural hemp products, recommended for both adults and kids. And we'd love to share with the world the results of our work. That's why we ship our hemp fabric products worldwide. We deliver hemp products to United States of America, Canada, France, Holland, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, England, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and many others!

Not sure yet if you need hemp shoes or blanket? Read further!

What is hemp fabric?

Most products we sell in our store - blankets, bedspreads, pillows, shoes, hemp clothes and much more - are made of pure hemp fabric. It is a material made of hemp (obviously!), but that's not the whole story. Industrial hemp is a very special plant. It is a real gift of nature with unique qualities.


For example, its fiber absorbs moisture. And hemp fabric keeps this capacity, which makes it especially comfortable as a bed clothing material.

It is an excellent way to keep you comfortable. You are sleeping soundly for the whole night due to the fact that you skin is not overheating. Natural fabric keeps the comfortable temperature of your body making a great contribution to your health. Hemp textiles support the body natural thermal balance by letting it breathe so that the moisture evaporates naturally. You will not feel neither too cold nor too hot under such blanket or quilt.

It keeps you warm without overheating! There are no synthetic fabric with thermal balancing capacities comparable to those of hemp fabric.

This natural balance is especially important for babies and kids, as the comfort during their sleep is very much needed. Hemp blankets, mattress covers and pillows provide healthy sleep for both adults and children. We produce a great variety of pure hemp quilts, hemp pillows, hemp and cotton nappies and bed sets for babies, toddlers and teenagers.

We are especially proud of our top products: hemp duvets, quilts and mattress pads (mattress protectors). These are the items our production began with, and they are very popular with our customers.

Our prime materials are environmentally friendly: we grow them without pesticides or herbicides as it is not necessary: industrial Cannabis sativa is a sturdy plant able to handle all natural threats. This plant does not attract any pests because it has natural antiseptic properties. And all these properties are kept in hemp fiber, textiles, bed linen and other products. That is why they are pure organic, providing comfort and healthy sleep.

And of course, our fields are not harmful for the environment. We do our best to contribute to sustainable production. Hemp products are biodegradable.

Devohome.com is an ideal place to buy pure hemp fabric products because we know just about everything concerning organic hemp production. We are exploring the magnificent natural capacities of hemp fiber for years, and new discoveries are still to come. In 2017 we have developed our HEMP FUR in order to stop the animal violence and provide you with healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to animal or synthetic faux fur! Now hem fur is user for Hemp fur plaids, covers and Hemp fur coats. We are eager to make our experience serve more people worldwide!

Have a nice day and wrap up in hemp blanket for a good sleep!

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