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Devohome hemp textile manufacturer

Ukrainian manufacturer of household textiles and clothing from hemp fiber TM Devohome

DevoHome produces natural hemp textile in Ukraine. We use ukrainian hemp fiber for our hemp products - healthy and natural textile, recommended for both adults and kids.

- We grow industrial hemp, produce thread and hemp fabric, then make ready-made products: clothes and textiles made from hemp. Industrial hemp is grown without pesticides or herbicides as it is not necessary. The plant does not attract any pests. Due to natural antiseptic properties of hemp fiber, hemp textiles, bed linen and other products - are naturally hypoallergenic. Pure organic, provides comfort and healthy sleep. Hemp textiles support the body`s natural thermo balance by letting it breathe so moisture does not build up during your sleep; the moisture evaporates naturally. You will not feel too cold or too hot under the hemp blanket or hemp quilt. Children are very active even in their sleep, they toss and turn, if their bed linen is chosen incorrectly. Hemp blankets, mattress covers and pillows provide healthy sleep for both adults and children. Our ancestors did not know about cotton or flax, they wore hemp clothes; wrapped their children in blankets made of hemp fiber, made woven bags from hemp and hemp ropes ... Hemp is a real gift of nature. In DevoHome we appreciate it and try to pass our love through each item of hemp product to our customers.

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