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Hemp clothes: from pajamas to fur coats

Hemp fabric is the most suitable to human skin, we use it for clothinf: air circulating, antibacterial, antifungal, natural and sustainable.
Hemp clothes: from pajamas to fur coats

Garments made from hemp fabrics offer a range of amazing benefits. Organically grown hemp is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, has superior strength and durability, is UV resistant and is also hypoallergenic. Hemp clothing feels lightweight and silky soft. It won’t irritate the skin or make it feel itchy, and it becomes even softer with use over time.

Hemp is the environmentally friendly alternative textile, that is sustainably cultivated, animal cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Its many remarkable properties make it the best choice for both warm weather and cold weather clothes. Compared with other textiles like cotton or linen, hemp clothing dries very quickly due to the large open weave and it is more absorbent. The open, interwoven hemp fibers permit air to circulate well through the material and this is what makes it more breathable. These qualities are ideal for comfortable clothing in all types of weather and is also suitable for a variety of superior quality bedding.

With a much higher tensile strength, hemp fabric is considerably stronger and lasts much longer than cotton, and hemp clothes don’t stretch out of shape. Another advantage is that hemp fabrics are easily machine washable and are biodegradable, which adds to its eco-friendly qualities. Organically grown, natural hemp fiber is grown without the need for added chemical pesticides and herbicides. Hemp grows quickly, using only a third of the water demanded by cotton crops and it has much greater yields per acre than other textile crops, so it is becoming very popular for use in sustainable, green fashion.

There was a strong upswell of resistance to the use of animal furs in clothing and designers were forced to substitute real fur with fake (faux) fur made from synthetics. However, these materials proved less than ideal; they didn’t breathe, they weren’t hypoallergenic, they were environmentally damaging to produce. Following an upswell against the use of synthetic furs, designers turned to natural fibers instead. And so, the superior properties of hemp were ‘rediscovered’ and hemp became the ideal choice for all types of clothing and faux fur garments.

Hemp clothing always feels luxurious and has a tasteful, refined appearance. The fur-look fashion statement is always popular for cold weather garments and Devohome’s unique innovation with hemp faux furs is a popular choice for clothing designers. They appreciate the non-allergenic nature of the material and its superior durability.

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