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Martingale Hemp Collar

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Martingale collars provide "gentle" control over your pet and have been recommended by many dog ​​handlers around the world for obedience exercises. The collar will not let the timid, aggressive or easily excitable dogs escape. The leash is attached to the ring on the "control circuit". When the dog tries to pull his head out of the collar, the leash pulls a "control loop", making the large outline smaller and tightening on the dog's neck, eliminating the possibility of breaking out of the collar.

The collar rests freely on the neck of the dog, but when properly adjusted, in a tight state it fits snugly, thus it does not cause suffocation. This collar is the perfect solution if you have a large, active dog or a dog whose head is narrower than the neck.

The main advantage of a flood is that it is made of natural hemp fiber, which has high strength, resistance to damage and wear.

Small 9 - 14 cm

Medium 12 - 20 cm

Large 15 - 25 cm

100% hemp fiber

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