Linen Kitchen textiles

Linen tablecloths

These tablecloths make kitchen look traditional and cozy. Linen is beautiful, dense, heavy and durable fabric.

The only disadvantage of linen is shrinkage. So, if you buy linen for tailoring, add +15 cm to the desired length.

Also, you need to wash the linen cloth at a temperature of 90 °C.

The linen crumples easily, and it used to be a problem, but not nowadays. There is a trend not to iron the linen tablecloths after washing, so now it is easier to tend them.

Linen kitchen towels

Linen towels are popular textiles for the kitchen. Why? Here are their advantages:

  • Linen fabric is a durable and practical material. It can withstand a large number of washes;
  • Linen towels keep the shape well and retain color even after a long use;
  • Linen towels absorb moisture very well, which is vitally important for kitchen use.

With every wash, linen towels are becoming softer and more pleasant to the touch. Devohome offers linen tablecloths and towels made of natural flax.