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Hemp/Wool Fabric

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Hemp wool is becoming sought after as a fabric because it offers considerable advantages over other woolen fabrics. Apart from being wonderfully soft and warm, it always smells so natural and fresh. The dense, organic fabric combines the best properties of its composition. It breathes and absorbs moisture well, to leave the wearer feeling comfortable and warm.

Hemp wool fabric is ideal for fashioning into clothing, with its superior properties over pure wool or plain cotton textiles. It is cool and comfortable in the summer and warm in cold weather. It also makes durable, attractive articles like throws or scarves that feel divine to the touch. As hemp resists molds, doesn’t retain odors and is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, it makes it an ideal textile for people with sensitivities or allergies. Along with these qualities, it is a stronger fabric that doesn’t stretch out of shape with wear, like pure woolen and cotton clothing tend to do, and hemp wool clothing doesn’t deform when washed either.

30% hemp fiber

40% wool

30% cotton

Width 150 cм

Density of fabric 370г/м2

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