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Hemp-flax quilted hemp, linen duvet

  • Brand: DevoHome
  • Availability: In Stock

For those cold winter nights, snuggle underneath a winter-weight, insulated 100% hemp blanket with a refreshing, natural linen cover. The linen is unbleached, undyed fabric, leaving it a beautiful, natural color. The duvet filler is pure, organic hemp. The quilt has a pleasing, natural grass aroma that lingers forever, even after washing.

This stylish duvet cover will not only keep you warm through the long winter nights, but it will also be a great addition to your bedroom's décor.

Hemp is a natural anti-allergenic fiber, organically grown in Ukraine without the use of pesticides or herbicides. These qualities make it ideal for people with sensitivities or allergies. The hemp fiber filling in the duvet supports the body’s natural thermal balance by letting your skin breathe, evaporating moisture naturally. Such desirable features ensure that you will feel neither too cold nor too hot under this fine blanket, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep.

Top - 100% linen

Filler - 100% hemp fiber 400gsm

Product is produced on order.

Reviews (2)
I got it as a gift, sent from Netherlands, very much like it! Perfect natural colours suits my bedroom!
Diane Bakker
Diane Bakker
This duvet is eco-friendly, plantbased, vegan, soft and warm! While keeping me warm in bed it doesn't make me sweat, like my previous cheap synthetic duvet did. Totally recommending this, it's one of the best things I ever bought.
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