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Why did we choose hemp for your bedroom?

Why did we choose hemp for your bedroom?

This is an organic hemp field where we grow our hemp for textiles.

We consider hemp the best plant for humans as it

• Doesn’t require pesticide or herbicide for growing and can give you 2 crops a year. At the same time it heals the Earth

• It uses 75% less water than cotton and absorbs 4 times more CO2 then trees

-How do we process hemp?

We take natural hemp fiber, separate it from the hemp curd and then scatch it, this is where we comb the fibers to create a mat that we use as a filler to our products such as: duvets, mattress covers, pillows and other products.

It is the most sustainable plant for textile use, it’s biodegradable, antiallergenic, antibacterial and breathes.

Therefore we recommend it as a textile for your bedroom.

photo Winter Sleep double-sized Hemp quilt 

- This blanket is made of hemp filler with a cotton cover stitched to it so you can easily machine wash it. You will never feel too hot or too cold sleeping under it.

photo Mattress Cover

The same with the mattress cover: it protects your mattress, holds your bed sheet better and absorbs extra moisture during your sleep and releases it during the day. This hemp pillow cover will hold your pillow making an extra natural layer for your head.

Photo Hemp Pillow

At DevoHome we have been producing hemp textiles for over 15 years, constantly improving the quality of our products.

Buy natural and support hemp! All products are in our e-shop. 

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