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Ukraine wins Eurovision wearing the most stylish ethnic outfit!

Ukraine wins Eurovision wearing the most stylish ethnic outfit!

We are delighted with Ukraine's victory at Eurovision, as well as with the hat of the frontman of the Kalush Orchestra, Oleg Psyuk!

Ukrainian folk-rap band Kalush Orchestra won this year's Eurovision Song Contest, receiving the country's third victory at the glitzy event.

Amazing that the whole world has seen Ukrainians whose costumes are the best example of true Ukrainian ethnicity.

A team of professionals worked on the images of the artists, including stylists Ulyana Redkina, Nazar Didyk, and ethnographer Roksoliana Shymchuk. The costume designer was Olga Karpiv, who built the image of frontman Oleg Psyuk around the pink hat.

Bukovynian keptar (vest) and a bright shirt were added, but it is the hat that attracts the most attention of the audience!

We at DevoHome, have created similar hats in the fall from the most environmentally friendly Ukrainian material - hemp!

We have 2 options: hat and panama, despite the war, products are available and you can order them online.

( Hemp panama )

Our people, Ukrainians are unique: simple, sincere and stylish!

Oleg Psyuk dedicated the song "Stephanie" to his mother, who still lives in the western city of Kalush, from which the band got its name.

"As we speak, our country and our culture are under threat. But we want to show that we are alive, Ukrainian culture is alive, it is unique, diverse, beautiful.

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