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Hemp fabrics

Hemp fabrics

In search of natural hemp textile and do not find what you need? Finding clothes made from hemp fabrics is not so easy. But you can make it yourself.  Choose your own hemp fabric in our store and make your hemp clothes! Here what we have:

Hemp fabrics for embroidery

For many embroidery - it's not just a hobby, and the ability to create, to express yourself, or to get away from stress. Natural hemp fabric canvas from Devohome - dense, so will be a good basis for the embroidered pictures. Fabric made from hemp is smooth long lasting and has transverse threads, therefore ideal for cross stitch. As a base for embroidery, you can also use a cloth made from hemp.

As compared with other fabrics for embroidery canvas from cannabis has several following advantages:

  • Very durable, hemp fibers even make ropes that do not rot in the sea water;
  • Durable, is not affected by pests;
  • Not treated with chemicals, so it does not cause allergies.

In addition, hemp fabric is very environmentally friendly, because hemp cultivation does not need pesticides. And, the fabric smells of fresh grass that will give you peace at work.

Making hemp clothes

Natural fabrics are now in trend. One of the reasons - it is the unique properties of natural fibers. Hemp fabric is very hygroscopic, so wearing textiles made of hemp is very comfortable - they are not too hot even in the hot day. Hemp fibers can absorb moisture four times its own weight and due to their porous structure and antibacterial properties hemp clothing prevents odor. And with each washing hemp textiles will become softer and softer.

Shawl Light fabric made of hemp mixed with cotton yarn is suitable for hemp cardigans, scarves or home plaid. We sell natural color fabric, unbleached. 

Create your own home textile with hemp

Natural fabrics in the interior creates a special atmosphere. Hemp fabrics, durable and hypoallergenic, can be used for making decorative pillows, covers for furniture, curtains. Cloth from hemp is suitable to sew:

  • Towels;
  • Tablecloths, napkins;
  •  Aprons, curtains;
  • Eko bags.

Also solid Hemp fabric is suitable for upholstery. Fabric width 1.5 meters, composition: 45% hemp, 55% cotton. So, make your own home decorations using hemp fabrics from Devohome! 

You can order your hemp fabric in our internet store, or call us if you have any questions on Viber/WhatsApp +38050 442 77 78

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