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A Good Night’s Sleep on the Road – Hemp Bedding for Eco Hotels

A Good Night’s Sleep on the Road – Hemp Bedding for Eco Hotels

Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, one of the things travelers are looking for when they need to find a place to rest their heads is a comfortable place to sleep. Whereas once upon a time “comfort” meant a quiet place away from harm. Today, travelers are seeking different forms of comfort. This is, of course, physical comfort, but now also includes mental comfort, the comfort of mind. To this end more and more travelers are not just choosing the cheapest place to stay, or even the most expensive, but are looking for somewhere that is aligned with their thoughts and wishes, somewhere, where, perhaps like at home, care is taken to minimize damage to the environment and is at the same time aesthetically pleasing.

To this end, ecologically conscious hotels, guesthouses, and lodges are becoming more and more popular. Eco accommodation offers the right environment for a good physical rest and also the comfort of mind that our stay is causing the least amount of damage to the environment.

When designing an Eco Hotel, there are a number of things taken into account. These include water usage, chemical usage for cleaning, furniture, architecture among others. Then there is also the interaction with guests and the services. Hotels can, of course, be certified as to their sustainability and environmental credentials. The Green Key award is one of these standards of excellence and takes into account a full range of criteria that a hotel should fulfill.

Of course, at the end of the day when it comes time to sleep, its about the bed, where day time worries give way to nighttime rest and dreams.

This is why, at DevoHome, we recommend using natural bed ware made from hemp for hotels. Hemp is well known for its many properties, it grows quickly and needs no pesticides or herbicides, it uses little water when growing. Parts of the plant have medicinal qualities that are being recognized more and more.

The fibers though are where the magic is when it comes to bed ware. Hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial is a good start.  That the fibers breathe and take up and release moisture allowing a perfectly regulated temperature, that goldilocks zone of “just right”, is the high point. This allows users a great night’s sleep. There is not the usual case of “hot spots” or an excessively humid feeling as is often the case with synthetic filler material in duvets or mattress covers.

Maison Blanche, a Ukrainian boutique eco-hotel, has been using hemp mattress covers from DevoHome for several years now. For the guests, the mattress covers are very comfortable, helping to keep cool during the hot summer months and warm during the cold winters. For the hotel, they are a durable and convenient way to provide additional comfort to their guests as well as helping to protect the mattress. Anastasia Le Khak, head of marketing at Maison Blanche has commented that they have a very positive experience with DevoHome mattress covers (the mattress covers are washed using organic detergent at 40°C)

DevoHome has a range of products available for Eco hotels, including mattress covers, duvets, and bedsheets. We are interested to work together with hotels and other lodgings to help provide their guests with a good night’s sleep.

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