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DevoHome on Ukraine Fashion Week 20-21

DevoHome on Ukraine Fashion Week 20-21

One of the most popular TV channels "ICTV" on sustainability at Ukraine Fashion Week 20-21.


    Responsible production. Ukrainian designers picked up world trends. This is clearly visible at Ukrainian fashion week that started in Kyiv. Our reporters went to see what will be in fashion coming seasons.

    Ukrainian Fashion Week is not just about beauty. Our designers are increasingly moving to sustainable production because fashion has a direct impact on climate change. Textile production uses vast natural resources and only 15% of all clothing is recyclable.

    “Every day, there are more such people. More and more people are paying attention to this. More and more people are opting for natural design and household items. So this is a unique growing cool trend that is developing in Ukraine too."

    At the fashion challenge, designers actively promoted the idea of ​​eco-consciousness. For example, guests could wear VR glasses and watch a 360-degree movie about hemp production in Ukraine.

    "To be natural, comfortable, safe for the planet. These are the traditions our grandmothers once invented, and now we are reviving hemp and trying not to spoil this natural and very cool plant. This coat, it is also hemp, with hemp filler inside. The lining is hemp fabric. It's pretty warm."

    Our reporters also took part in the fashion show of Ukrainian designers.

    "When one of the designers showed me hemp coat, I realized it was fate. Because every day I talk about how hemp is used in a criminal way. So I will put on my coat and show that this plant is worn for fashion too."

    Editor-in-Chief of the Facts and TV presenter Olena Frolyak gave an inspiring lecture at the Summit on Conscious Consumption. She called to stop plastic bags in supermarkets as soon as possible, stop overconsumption, in general start changing the world starting from oneself.

    “People should not expect anything from the government or the president. It is the people who must become responsible. Small steps do great things. Therefore, think about how you live, where you live, what’s in your trash, how you consume energy. Become responsible »

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