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Nowadays it is fashionable to eat organic food, use natural make-up wear clothes made of natural fabrics and avoid using plastics. The world is in danger, toxic waste is taking over our planet.

There are fewer and fewer clean places on the planet. All of us talk about pollution, but not many realize that it’s OUR “fault”. We buy goods packed in plastic, we consume and waste more than we need to.

That’s why some people have decided to shrink their waste almost to zero! Yes, you’ve heard it right, some chose a Zero Waste Life Style. They separate their waste, eventually collecting half-litter of not biodegradable rubbish per year.

They avoid the rest of the garbage by following the rules of 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. What is it all about?

Three rules of the Zero Waste Life Style

To have less waste on earth, we have to produce less of it – it concerns corporations and shops. Looks easy? But how to stop the constant promotion of consumption? For that you have to do only the smallest part, you don’t have to live in eco house or become ascetic. You can continue quite a comfortable life, by just reconstructing your thinking. With experience your brain will suggest more and more waste-free options, and using less plastic.

Here are three rules of Zero Waste

• Reduce – lower the consumption by reducing what is unnecessary. Demand is followed by supply. If we consume less, big corporations would produce less.

• Reuse – give a second life to your things. To make something new you use resources of the planet. Going to the shop you can take your own bag with you. Go shopping at a second hand market.

• Recycle – as much as we try to avoid waste, at the end there will be some trash that we will need to throw away. So, recycle!

Devohome supports Zero Waste

Foto, Winter Sleep double-sized quilit 200x215 cm

Not many know that hemp textile fits Zero Waste concept.

• We don’t use any pesticides at a hemp growing stage, as well as we don`t add any chemicals while producing hemp fabric.

• Growing hemp is easy and has no waste, hemp is used not only for textile but for food and construction materials.

• Natural products serve a long time, do not lose their appearance after repeated washes and are quite expensive, therefore do not stimulate for excess shopping.

• After it expired, it won`t pollute the earth, its biodegradable.

The waste also finds a second life.

The left overs from bed linen are used to make small bags witch are good for shopping and storing vegetables, fruits and grains. Blanket offcuts are used to make tea warming covers, that look like little huts with natural hemp filler inside, to keep your drink warm.

Also matrasses and mats for your pets are made from hemp scrap. And even smaller hemp textile pieces are excellent material for bedding, that dog shelters happily take.

Being ethical and sustainable company we care about the ecology of our planet. We produce natural, cruelty free and fur free textile.

Author Emilia Devoe

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