Proposal for Cooperation with DevoHome


DevoHome is a Ukrainian based producer of hemp textiles. The main products are bed ware with some clothing and footwear also produced. You can see the full range of products at www.devohome.com.

DevoHome is actively seeking partners to work with around the world. Potential partners should be actively and genuinely involved in promoting sustainability.

Basis of Cooperation

There are three forms of cooperation being proposed, these can be combined.


For potential partners that have a permanent retail space or that participate actively in other retail activities (like-farmer's markets of similar venues), we can offer a dealership. The partner will purchase stock from DevoHome and resell it.

Mark-ups are depending on the level of purchases.


For potential partners that have an existing webshop, we can offer a drop-shipping service to the end customer. The partner would receive the order and payment from the customer and relay this order and payment, less commission to DevoHome. DevoHome will complete the delivery, informing the partner and end-customer.

Commissions are paid as a percentage of the retail sales price.


For potential partners that are active in blogging or have a strong following on social media, we can offer the possibility to become an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate, you will receive a special link that will track traffic that you bring to our site and eventual sales.DevoHome will execute any sales.

Commissions are paid as a percentage of the retail sales price.


DevoHome can provide the following types of support.

-         Photo gallery, high-quality photos of all products will be made available for use on social media.

-         Video material, high-quality videos showing production processes and highlights for new products.

-         Marketing material, sales brochures.

-         Consultation of product mix, volumes, sales techniques, customer profile, etc.


Please feel free to contact our export sales team with your ideas and situation for an open discussion on cooperation.




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