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MaterialDistrict presented hemp fur to the world

MaterialDistrict presented hemp fur to the world

In the article  "the dark side of animal materials part 2: leather and fur" MD's journalists spoke about environmental problems caused by the leather and fur industry along with cruelty in relation to animals.

"In the Netherlands, stomach-churning stories recently surfaced of animals being boiled and skinned alive before they were slaughtered."

They proposed alternative ways to get such materials. They also described the pros and cons of using fish skin, recycled leather, lab-grown leather, and even mushroom leather. But nothing from the list is such real and sustainable like hemp fur, produced by DevoHome.

"Fortunately, there is hope. Companies are working on biobased, vegan types of fur. Simplifi Fabric, for example, offers a hemp/cotton/recycled plastic fabric, and Ukrainian company DevoHome even developed a plastic-free fur made from hemp and viscose (find this material in our collection here). Strides are made as well in using 3D printing to make fur."

It looks cool, smells good and does not heart the environment before the production nor after the recycling.

DevoHome also participated in MaterialDistrict Rotterdam, the leading material innovation event for R&D and design professionals. It took place from 12-14 March in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands. Our innovation was selected by the independent MaterialDistrict exhibition by one of the sector ambassadors of MaterialDistrict Rotterdam.

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