Hemp quilt cover Scandinavia 215x260

Quilted light bedspread, double size, with a filler made from organic hemp fiber.

Such a natural blanket will decorate your room, make your sleep easy and carefree.

Bed cover fits any double size bed - Queen or King. You can also use it as a light blanket for spring / autumn, even summer season, since natural hemp has breezable fiber, so it does not have a thermos effect. 

Blanket is easy to wash in a washing machine, and it does not deform! 

It looks great with a decorative pillow Scandinavia 40x60.

275.00 €
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Size: 215x260 cm. Care: washing in a gentle mode, 30 ° C Filling: 100% hemp fiber, 250 g / m2; top / bottom - cotton