Tablecloth gray cage 140x200cm

99.00 €

The pride of our collection is a tablecloth in a gray cage.

Why did we at DevoHome decide to make this tablecloth soft?

Take a closer look at it, and you will see the texture: the rough tangles of linen threads, good and heavy fabric.

This is what we wanted to show - the texture of natural material. Linen fabric is incredibly beautiful in itself and does not need ornamentation with ornaments. But if you really want bright colors, you can always add a tablecloth ranner.

With this tablecloth will be combined any bright dishes (orange, red, blue, blue ...). Linen discreet background will nicely emphasize both glasses with wine, and vases with fruit, and a bouquet of flowers.

A natural linen tablecloth opens the way for any experiments in serving the table

Size: 140x200 cm. Composition of the fabric: 100% linen. Density: 265 g / m2 Care: washing in the standard mode 30 ° C.

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