Hemp bedding for dogs

Products made of hemp are practical and convenient to use, because they have many beneficial qualities. So, if you are searching for a comfortable bed for the dog, perhaps, hemp fabric bedding is just what you need.

Strength and durability of hemp tissue for dog bedding

Hemp fiber is the strongest among plant. It is several times stronger than cotton and wool. This fabric withstands repeated washing and will serve for many years.

Hygroscopicity. The fibers are able to absorb a large amount of water. This ensures a good skin ventilation and an optimal heat balance. In winter, the animal will be warm, and in the summer it will never suffer from heat.

In addition, it does not attract dust particles and doesn't accumulate static electricity, in contrast to synthetics, wool and cotton. And it controls odors, which is vital for dog bedding. 

Stability to deformation. Fibers do not shrink after washing at a water temperature of up to 300 °С.

They repel dust, do not fade, do not deform and serve for a very long time.