Therapeutic qualities of children's hemp quilts

Hypoallergenic properties of hemp quilts and blankets are determined by the absence of toxic chemicals in the plant raw materials.

Normally, countless chemicals are used to control weeds, pests and diseases of cultivated plants, but hemp is stronger than other cultures: it is much healthier. Hemp contains natural antibacterial components; thus, the pesticides are simply not necessary. 

All raw hemp used for these quilts is grown on Ukrainian fields as a part of Devohome family business.

We organise and control  each and every step of production.

As a result, hemp thread which we obtain is pure and especially good for making baby quilts.

Why hemp quilts and blankets are healthy for skin?

Hemp tissue does not create a greenhouse effect on the surface of the body: the skin can breathe freely. The fabric of hemp excludes overheating of the body in hot weather and hypothermia during the cold season. For babies’ delicate health this property of hemp can be very beneficial.

Additional benefits include the refreshing and softening effect of hemp tissue.

Our hemp blankets and quilts are made of tissue which does not cause allergy and is 100% safe.