Why hemp textiles are good for children?

The tender skin of the baby should come in contact with a delicate and pleasant cloth that will not cause irritation. Therefore, the pillow and the bed of the baby should be soft, smooth and pleasant.

The air temperature is important. The child should not be hot or cold, because if it happens, the child tosses in bed and wakes up. With healthy and antiallergenic hemp textiles the baby will never be too hot or cold, so the sound sleep is guaranteed.

Hemp goods for children: thread and fabric unique properties

Industrial hemp, from which the thread and fabric are made, are grown without pesticides and herbicides. This plant is unique because it is strong and durable, and can grow all by itself. Therefore, hemp fiber is a truly environmentally friendly product that does not require additional chemical treatments.

That's why we recommend hemp textiles. It is truly beneficial for your baby: it protects, maintains the optimum temperature, does not irritate soft baby’s skin and does not cause allergies.

From the very first days your baby needs the best comfort. Therefore we use hemp as the best material for baby`s and children`s beds! 

Hemp does not cause allergy,, it is grown without use of herbicides or pesticides, as this plant does not require any. We offer a great choice of baby hemp quilts, natural hemp pillows, hemp throws and covers. 

Hemp perfectly absorbs moisture, so the child never sweats during sleep.

Hemp is very durable, it becomes softer with each wash. We recommend to use hemp blankets and quilts without any covers, as it is washable.