BABY PINK hemp blanket 100x100cm

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A blanket filled with natural hemp fiber for newborns, in size it is convenient for a baby carriage.

Hemp fiber - a natural antiallergen, is grown in Ukraine without the use of pesticides and herbicides. The properties of hemp (industrial) are such that they perfectly support the natural heat and air balance of the child. At night, the body emits a lot of moisture, which must evaporate naturally through proper air exchange: a natural blanket perfectly maintains the natural body regimen. it is neither cold nor hot and there is no "thermos" effect. The child will get a good night's sleep.

Filling blankets - hemp non-woven, along the entire perimeter threaded, so it retains the strength and durability of the product. Baby blanket should be often washed, and hemp can withstand many washes!

*Attention! The color and shade of the product may vary depending on the monitor settings and lighting

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