Advantages of hemp socks, bags and other accessories

Hemp tissue has unique properties. 

The advantages of natural hemp fabric

  • Hemp is eight times stronger than cotton! 
  • The durability of the material is determined by the specific structure of the plant fibers. It  shows resistance to friction and multiple bends. The material resists external influences, does not deform, does not deteriorate during washing, does not lose shape in the process of wearing, and does not need any special care.
  • Hemp has antibacterial and healing properties, which contributes to the prevention of fungus, fungal diseases, which is especially useful when it comes to socks.
  • Also, hemp socks reduce foot fatigued. Due to the fact that hemp fibers are coarser than cotton fibers, when you wear such socks, the effect of foot micro-massage is obtained, which improves microcirculation.
  • It is widely known that hemp fibers are the most durable other natural plant fibers. Therefore, hemp socks will serve you about 5-7 times longer than regular socks.
  • Hemp socks can be worn in both summer and winter. In summer, the feet do not sweat, and hemp socks remain fresh much longer than regular cotton ones. Hemp suppresses unpleasant odors. In winter, the feet are not cold, since the hemp fibers perfectly maintain the temperature balance.