DevoHome has created hemp fur, a plant-based fabric that resembles natural sheep wool that can become an alternative to animal and synthetic furs 
Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, one of the things travelers are looking for when they need to find a place to rest their heads is a comfortable place to sleep. 
04 March 2019 15:33:20
Nowadays it is fashionable to eat organic food, use natural make-up wear clothes made of natural fabrics and avoid using plastics. The world is in danger, toxic waste is taking over our planet.There are fewer and fewer clean places on the planet. All of us talk about pollution, but not many realize that it’s OUR “fault”. We buy goods packed in plastic, we consu 
Our family was a pioneer in Ukraine to launch hemp textile production back in 2003 when we purchased old hemp fiber processing plant. 
01 September 2018 19:33:55
Hemp is the most sustainable plant for textile: its biodegradable, antibacterial, antifungus and breezable. Therefore we have decided to make footwear out of it! 
05 March 2017 12:58:04
In search of natural hemp textile and do not find what you need? Finding clothes made from hemp fabrics is not so easy. But you can make it yourself. Choose your own hemp fabric in our store and make your hemp clothes! Here what we have: - Natural unbleached hemp fabric - Shawl unbleached hemp fabric; - Bleached hemp fabric, canvas for embroidery.