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Mattress Topper size 90x200

  • Brand: DevoHome
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This hemp filled topper is a thick addition to your mattress rather than a mattress cover. It is 5cm thick and can compensate for an old or uncomfortable mattress.

This topper from Devohome is suitable for:

- People who sleep on uncomfortable or time-worn mattresses, armchairs or sofas, topper on the sofa.

- Anyone who needs a quick solution when it comes to travel (overnight stay in a motor home, tent, country house visit, relocation, etc.)

- Those who do different types of exercises at home

This mattress topper from Devohome provides additional comfort during sleep and increases the stability of the shape of the main mattress.

In addition to the standard use in the bedroom, you can use a top mattress as an extra bed, for outdoor recreation or travel. They are very easy to store: the orthopaedic top roll can be twisted and secured with straps.

We make these to order!

Composition: 100% hemp fiber top / bottom: cotton Density: 1000 g / m2

Reviews (2)
Tom Cluster
Tom Cluster
Very good quality product, natural, soft, I recommend
Great product!
Very practical, gives a soft feeling to my bed, good purchase
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