Hemp fur decorative pillow 50x50

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As an adorable addition to your bedroom décor, hemp pillows are not only decorative, but they are fun. Measuring 50x50cm, they are covered in Devohome’s unique hemp faux fur. Because the fabric is completely plant-based in origin, it is animal cruelty-free and contains no petrochemical derivatives like synthetic furs do.

The faux fur developed by Devohomes is eco-friendly and vegan-friendly, being made from 100% pure, natural hemp fiber. As a textile, hemp faux fur is easy to dye and retains its color, is machine washable and doesn't retain odors. It is resistant to mold and mildew and has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which makes it naturally hypoallergenic and good for your health. As a sustainable, organically grown crop, hemp is also very good for the environment.

Hemp fur is a very robust and long-lasting fabric, so your pillows will last and last, and the fabric is also biodegradable.

These cute furry hemp cushions are soft as clouds and include the thinnest linen lining, lending them a wonderful texture.

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