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Hemp shoes for women, high cut, no shoelaces, creamy color.

Outer - very dense fabric, 100% hemp Inner - mixed hemp with cotton fabric. The hemp insole is double-sided.

We also give an additional cinnamon insole for extra comfort.  

All material is natural, we use the most ecological technology in shoemaking to bring the best comfort of wearing your hemp shoes, light and breathable.

This model has no shoelaces, it has special rubber holders, to hold the foot. The sole is made out of rubber. It is stitched to the shoe.

Hemp is the best material for footwear as it does not make your feet sweat, it is bacteriсidal and antifungal.

Whenever we talk or think about footwear comfort and protection in always first thought and preferred features. We are presenting womens hemp shoes these boots come in amazing style and extraordinary comforts. Likewise, we create this by focusing on varied terrain and climate conditions. The quality of the material is incredibly fabulous. Similarly, these are natural fiber sneakers. Natural fiber comes from plants and these shoes made out of hemp material.

Perfect footwear helps our feet to heal and also supports the balance of our feet. it is a properly fitting and perfect sole shoes that can support straighten your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back to improve your motion and improve position.

These sneakers are for women having the high cut look and they are not having shoelaces that enhance their style and creamy color always a fabulous choice.

It contains a very dense fabric outer side, 100% weed Inner - combined natural fiber with cotton fabric. The weed insole is double-sided. We additionally give an extra cinnamon insole for extra comforts.


We are using all the natural material furthermore; it is managing the most ecological technology in shoemaking to produce the best support of wearing your hemp sneakers, lightweight and breathable.

This design has no shoelaces and it has special rubber holders, to maintain foot comfort. The sole is made out of rubber. These are handmade boots and stitched to the sneakers. . Natural fiber is the best material for footwear as it always offers sweats properties and these are bactericidal and antifungal.

What performs hemp as a perfect material for sneakers?

 The natural fiber is continuing as a modern fabric. Weed fiber is one of the most powerful and most long-lasting of all-natural textile fibers.

Hemp is establishing itself to be one of the most varied, eco-friendly materials throughout:

·         The hemp plant produces easily and sustainably without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, so much of the weed fiber, you find it organic.

·         The commonly anti-microbial qualities of natural fiber gives it a perfect material for shoes, as it doesn’t contain odours like other elements, including leather and fascinating synthetics.

·         Hemp is hypoallergenic, so unlike wool, and never irritates your skin.

·         The natural fiber is extraordinarily strong, which gives it durably suitable for sneakers.

·         As a common fiber, unlike synthetics, weed will eventually, crumble.  This is good news because your weed shoes will have a more moderate environmental footprint than sneakers manufactured with petroleum-based materials or animal skin that’s been used with prophylaxes.

You can purchase your favourite boots without any second thought. We sell hemp shoes for womens in a very reasonable price range. Likewise, we are delivering worldwide. More than this we have exclusive verities that upgrade your fashion style. These sneakers and boots are amazingly perfect for you.

These sneakers are eco-friendly, breathable, long-lasting, and enhance softer with wear, so break in well when it comes to footwear. Similarly, these are organic weed sneakers casual wear to be more relaxed styles. The designers are frequently using sustainable fiber for a classic look of the sneakers.

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