Natural HEMP bed for pets

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The blanket for animals is made of natural materials. Dogs behaving itself interested around natural materials. With natural materials, your pat will get a better rest. 

Thanks to the hemp filler, the mat has unique characteristics: bactericidal, anti-allergenic, antifungal, thermoregulation and odor absorption. The hemp filler prevents the appearance of various pests and allows the litter to remain fresh.

The dog gets used to "his" smell, and you do not have to wash the dog's mat often.

The blanket can be taken with you in the car, on a visit, on the road, and also used as a tab in your pet's sleeping area.

We can make dog bedding according to your individual sizes.

!! Available in two shades: light and dark. And two sizes: 40x40 and 50x50.

*Warning! The color and hue of the product may vary depending on your screen settings and lighting

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