Hemp Linen Comforter, bedcover, greystripe 215х260

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Double bed quilt with natural hemp fiber filling. A large natural bedspread is very cozy and soft; you can cover it in width so that the edges hang down beautifully to the sides. We recommend that you hide without a duvet cover, you can wash in the washing machine, although a slight shrinkage is possible.

Gray tones of linen fabric will emphasize its naturalness and will perfectly complement the interior of any bedroom. Natural and breathable, it doesn't float and can be used as a second blanket.

At night, the body emits a lot of moisture, which must naturally evaporate due to proper air exchange: hemp fiber perfectly maintains your natural heat and air balance, i.e. it is not cold / hot and there is no "thermos" effect. Hemp is a natural anti-allergen, the fiber is grown in Ukraine without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

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