Men's hemp winter coat, dark oliva

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A long warm coat.

Protects from frosts up to -40. For the Ukrainian winter will be enough!

It will not be hot because it is a hemp filler coat and hemp = perfect heat exchange.

 The length helps to create a stylish silhouette.

Comfortable sleeves, large hood, and loose cut. This coat is easy to walk, stand, sit and just live - tested by many of our "test drives", fitting, personal experience and, of course, satisfied customers.

We believe that clothing should serve the person, not the other way around. So we made a coat for life :)

In it, you can go to work, walk, travel. It does not hamper movements and does not impose style restrictions. It will fit into any rhythm of life and you will always be comfortable, warm and stylish.

Consult the DevoHom consultants for the color and size!

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