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Devohome has pioneered a remarkable faux fur textile that is totally vegan-friendly, completely plant-based and animal cruelty-free. This eco-friendly, healthy fabric is made from organic, sustainable hemp fiber. These are not its only amazing properties. It is also hypoallergenic, UV resistant, mold-resistant, is fully biodegradable and has a pleasant, fresh scent. Little wonder it is gaining in popularity amongst fashion designers.

Hemp faux fur is not only warm, dry and comfortable to wear, but it also feels gloriously soft and natural and looks divine. It is made from long strands of hemp fiber separated from the stalk of the plant. Then it is spun into a continuous thread which makes it ready for weaving into fabric.

Hemp fur have found important advantages in working with the fabric. It proves easier to use than synthetic fibers and it doesn't cause allergies when being cut and sewn like synthetic textiles often do.

Hemp faux fur makes delightful, stylish fur apparel that is wonderfully warm to wear, lightweight and extremely durable. It is the ideal fabric for cold and wet weather conditions.

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