– is our online store where we sell hemp textile for home and hemp clothes, produced in Ukraine by our company DevoHome. We design and make our product ourselves;  we make hemp bedding, quilts, pillows, blankets and covers using hemp filler (made of hemp fiber) and hemp fabric, - all made in Ukraine. We also produce hemp fabric in Ukraine and mix it with other natural fabrics such as unbleached cotton and linen to make our product design more attractive. Therefore we guarantee comfort and quality of our product. 

Why hemp products? 

Due to the plant`s speciality, hemp absorbs moisture giving a great comfort during your sleep. Natural hemp bedding will breeze letting you sleep tight all night. It is especially important for babies and kids, as their comfort during a sleep is very much needed.

Another plant`s speciality is being hypoallergenic therefore recommended for infants. We produce a great variety of hemp quilts, pure hemp pillows, hemp and cotton nappies and bed sets for babies, toddlers and teenagers. 

Hemp fabric is very durable. it outwears cotton and some other natural fabrics. It becomes softer after the washing, not loosing its natural scent and its shape.